Some of the things I see on TV today are outright crap. Where did all of the good shows go? Aside from a few shows like Game of Thrones (with strong women characters) not much else excites me.

The bullying in my school just doesn’t stop. Every day someone is picking on someone else. We’ve started a new anti-bullying group that steps in when we see bullying going on. Too often the victim doesn’t speak up for fear of even more bullying.

Your Voice Matters-Speak Up & Speak Out
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I just read something about the rape culture that exist today. Girls, women and parents you need to educate the guys better.

Plus sizes are bull. I’m big and I’m proud.

Take a look at some of the original works on this site, it’s really impressive. Girls do good! I especially like the music section where girls have posted some original songs we would never hear anywhere else.

I’m not going to college, but I decided to learn a trade. I found out electricians, carpenters and plumbers make really good livings. Also looked into computer programming... Might go there.


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