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Emma Watson has accomplished more in 2014 than most will in a lifetime. After being appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Watson captivated thousands when she launched her HeForShe campaign with a moving speech on feminism in September.

In addition to starring in and promoting her latest film, "Noah," the actress also graduated from Brown University with a degree in English literature. As a 24-year-old actress and activist, Watson is redefining what it means to be a celebrity in young Hollywood.

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Emma Watson is a Role Model for All Women
By Lauren Zupkus on December 14, 2014 - The Huffington Post

Emma Watson formally invited men to join the fight for gender equality in a moving speech on Sept. 21, launching the HeForShe campaign. She spoke about how impossible it is to achieve equality of the sexes if only one sex participates in the fight: