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When Being Cool Isn’t
What's "cool" is constantly changing to go along with our constantly changing lives. We are a fickle generation ...

Assault On Women
There is little to intersect the lives of a college freshman, a 59-year-old former model and a Marine Corps veteran of the Iraq war

Young Women Love Elizabeth Warren “She’s doing a really good job going after bankers and folks who are really responsible for the economic situation we’re in. I wish there were more politicians with that kind of integrity.”


News For And About Girls And Girls’ Issues
Keep up with news about girls or issues they face through Gyrlz’ News. If you see or hear of a story that is inspiring or informative, let us know.

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Emma Watson Speaks Out
Emma Watson and her quotes that will challenge your views on young hollywood today.

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An Upbeat and Talented Star
Actress Paola Tonini is what you call a quadruple threat - Commercials, Movie Actor, Model, TV Host and Producer.

Birth Control and Teens
Health care professionals have a powerful role to play in reducing teen pregnancy. From abstanance to IUDs

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What is STEM All About
There’s no shortage of attention on science, technology, engineering and math education in the United States these days.


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