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The Gyrlz Organization Is About Equality, Empowerment, Awareness and a Need For Change...

Our Mission is Simple: We Are For Equality and Empowerment, and We Are Against
Discrimination and Abuse.

We are a group who believe that girls and young women have been and still are hampered by many in our society who have less respect and value for girls’ abilities and capabilities. We encourage change.

Equality and empowerment come about through education, access to reliable information and positive role models. That is the goal of this site and of Gyrlz™.

Our desire is to provide girls and young women with an on-line community that speaks to these issues and the positive aspects of “Growing Up A Girl.”

A portion of the proceeds from the Gyrlz™ site will go to awards and scholarships benefiting girls.  MORE >


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A special thanks to: Katie, Ann, Angie, Kristy, Denise, Julie Laurie, Jillian, Virginia, Olivia and Anna


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